Wedding Location Hunting

Location Location Location….Even though it seems we’ve done a ton of weddings at a gazillion different places, the Nashville area is one of those places where locations seem to pop up all over the place.  I try to keep up to date on all of the new wedding hot spots for several reasons.First, we are able to help our clients find the best location for their event.  We keep a section on our ... Read the Post

Wedding Planner Workshop?

I get a ton of emails all the time about “How do I do this?”  “Where do I get that?” “I’m a wedding planner in a different state and looking for help!”  ”Can you give me any advice?”  ”Do you guys teach any classes?” and so on and so on…We are throwing around the idea…  We are considering hosting a workshop in February or March for wedding planners, and designers.  The workshop would ... Read the Post