Amy and Wes love story is simply charming and quite engaging. While being introduced by mutual friends at Applebee’s in 2013, may have not been the most romantic location as Amy implied, but the instant connection between the two was breathtaking. Amy and Wes literally sat for hours and hours in deep conversation as they both watch the sunrise moments before their classes had begun; sounds like love at first sight if you ask me! Over the years of beautiful growth, Amy expresses how charismatic Wes has become with his charming ways and inspiring demeanor. Wes states “Amy, you’re like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts”. LOL! How adorable is that?!




The year of 2015 was full of love, unity, and commitment. Amy and Wes have supported their friends and families in attending approximately 500 weddings, as so it felt. However, there was one particular wedding that the two had attended and Wes just so happened to be a groomsmen; hummmmm, first clue. Joy and laughter took over the newlyweds celebration that evening as it was time for the bouquet toss. The “Single Ladies” were announced to all gather at this time, as Amy instantly thought, “Hey, that’s me!”; second clue. The bride gets ready for count down to toss the bouquet, but suddenly, in front of all 200 guests, she fake toss it, then immediately turns around, walks towards Amy to give her the bouquet; final clue. Amy, with a strange and confused look on her face stating “Why are you handing this to me??????!” The bride then turns Amy around only to find her charismatic Wes, down on one knee with her dream ring in his hand! Excitingly, AMY SAID YES TO WES!!!




Amy’s wedding day vision consists of overwhelming love surrounded by friends and family to all witness their unbreakable unity sealed with their kiss, tons of bling, and Elliott Events fabulous centerpieces.  She is mostly anticipating the first look with her dad, who may actually shed prideful tears once he gazes at his beautiful little girl!




Congratulations Amy and Wes! We are excited to see you on your wedding day!