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We are extremely excited to welcome Jasmyne Reese and Julius McNair to the Elliott Events family! With their wedding date set for June 3rd, we have a fun road of planning ahead of us.

Jasmyne and Julius have a wonderful vision for their special day. Jasmyne has an eye for all things glamorous while Julius has an eye for enjoyment and celebration with friends and family. As an Elliott Events client, we send out small questionnaires to each couple to learn a little more about them. Here are a few of the questions and answers from the questionnaire.

What are your wedding colors? -Jasmyne: Originally her colors were “Tiffany blue and silver (bling)” however, as the planning process continues, she changed her color palette to “golds and creams”

-How do you envision your reception? -Jasmyne: “elegant”

-What genre of music do you enjoy? Do you prefer having a band or DJ? -Jasmyne: “I prefer a DJ. I Like R&B music & Julius likes blue/jazz music”

-What are you looking forward to MOST on your wedding day? -Jasmyne: “Marrying my best friend! The family & the fun.”

-What are 3 must-haves for the bride? -Jasmyne: “I just want to have a great day! No stress or drama for me!”

As you can see this couple is very excited for their big day! We can’t wait to show you the results in June!


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