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One source weddings lighting

Wow haven't realized I hadn't blogged in forever! Well today was insane.. Let me share my lighting adventure...Yesterday just got back from being with my husbands family in Iowa for almost a week in a half.. I told my husband I was about to start draping our hotel room if he didn't get me back home to TN soon! Lol.. So after 12 hour drive we made it back! So needless to say im really exhausted ... Read the Post

Yesterdays wedding at Miss jeanne’s mystery dinner theater

A few months ago I got a call and they said we think you might want to rent out this location for a wedding, I went to Miss Jeanne's dinner theater which is in the basement under French confection and I saw the stone on the wall and suddenly I knew what we needed to do! This week we started on Wednesday.. And started the wall draping.., and Thursday I was there doing the ceiling drape lighting ... Read the Post

Osw offers ipod/bose music packages!

So today we've added on another awesome thing to our one source weddings packages.... I am always trying to work with brides budgets and when your doing a $10,000 budget for a full package, a lot of times they don't have the budget for a DJ. Now our DJ that we use is awesome awesome awesome! But sometimes it's just too expensive. Well I think food and music are the 2 most important things at the ... Read the Post