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One Source Weddings around the World

So what most people don’t know is actually how many other wedding planners and brides use us all over the world… This week got an email from a wedding planner in Guam.. she’s wanting some fabric for draping.. silk flowers.. petals.. products that we use a lot…  And its not a problem for us at all!  Just shipping is the only additional thing you have extra to worry about.. Last year we helped ... Read the Post

OSW Fans — Update on us!

Hello OSW Fans, I bet your all wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth for not blogging or updating the site recently.  We got new website software in May that I’ve been having to take each page of our website and type it in… and put new pictures.. and update the wedding.. anyways… I didnt realize there were SOOOO many pages on our website… I’ve got so much new stuff on the new ... Read the Post

UGGGG LINKS!!!!!!…. and an awesome castle location in Kentucky

Okay.. so I’ve been sooooo excited about the new website design since MAY!  Today.. I had doubled checked all the links.. and they were perfect…  but low and behold I upload the whole website.. take off the old one.. and Wal-la!… THEY DONT WORK!! Okay I’m venting.. yes I should invest in a website designer but I’m too stubborn and I know I can do it ! Jeremy showed me how to fix it and I ... Read the Post